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Help Lower Healthcare Costs and Improve the Health of At-Risk Children and Adults

Dear Citizens for Health Supporters and Friends of The Healthy Foundation,

Rising healthcare costs are a serious concern for all of us. Costs are rising and so are the number of Americans inflicted with chronic illnesses. The personal, social and economic burdens are unsustainable.

The Healthy Foundation has created unique programs that help lower these escalating costs and increase the health and wellness of those in need of help. Through their Vitamin Relief USA programs, they provide free daily multivitamins to over 20,000 children, teens, adults and seniors who are at-risk for vitamin deficiencies at over 500 locations in 42 states.

Most of us have come to appreciate what simple, daily multi-vitamins can do to support and maintain one's good health. For children, seniors, teens and adults at risk for malnutrition, the benefits from daily vitamins are dramatic. Daily vitamins help protect at-risk individuals from chronic diseases while also healing their illnesses, and improving their quality of life.

For instance, according to parents and teachers of the children participating in Vitamin Relief USA, the daily vitamins have helped to improve the children's school grades, school attendance, behavior, eating habits and self-esteem. In addition, parents report that they do not have to take their children to the doctor as often.

Senior participants report that vitamins from Vitamin Relief USA have decreased their need for medication, lessened their pain, and increased their mobility, energy, self-confidence and the ability to care for themselves.

We need programs like this programs that provide cost-effective, preventative measures. And we need them to expand and grow.

In order to do this, The Healthy Foundation needs your help.

A request has been made of the Chairman of the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriation Committee to provide The Healthy Foundation, from the 2005 congressional budget, with:

$2 million to provide daily vitamins to 60,000 at-risk children for one year.

And $2 million to research the impact of daily vitamins on seniors and their quality of life.

In order for this appropriation to be approved, it must have the support of many members of Congress. The Healthy Foundation cannot possibly reach each member of Congress to ask for his or her support.

As a constituent, your message to your congressional representative can make the difference between the success and failure of this funding.

Your U.S. representative

Dear Representative


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