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    Action: Nutritive tonic, alterative, antipyretic, diuretic.
    Systems Affected: Stomach, blood.
    Preparation and Dosage (thrice daily): Dried leaves and flowers, dose 2-5 grams by infusion.

    Called 'alfalfa' by the Americans and 'lucerne' by the British, Medicago sativa is native to the Mediterranean region and western Asia. Long used as a fodder crop for livestock (the Arabs fed it to their horses), it has in more recent times become important as a nutritive tonic for humans. Alfalfa helps with the assimilation of protein, calcium and other nutrients. Its cooling properties make it useful in reducing fevers. It has an alkalizing effect on the system, useful in arthritis and acid conditions (particularly hyperacidity of the stomach). Beneficial to the blood, it acts as an alterative or ' blood purifier' and as a treatment for anaeimia. (Red Clover flowers possess similar properties and can be used as a substitute.)
    Alfalfa is a deep-rooting nitrogenous plant which picks up trace elements from deep in the soil. It also contains digestive enzymes and amino acids, hence its reputation for aiding digestion and the assimilation of nutrients from food.
    For those with particular protein allergies, which include some hayfever and sinusitis sufferers, as well as those who break out in a rash whenever they consume milk, eggs, prawns or some other particular food, the Australian herbalist Dorothy Hall suggests the use of Alfalfa tea.
    Nutritionally Alfalfa is important, being rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamins А, В1, B2, B6, С, D, E, Kl and U, mineral salts of phosphorus, iron, potassium, chlorine, sodium, silicon and magnesium, plus several trace elements and other substances - although, as with any plant, the levels of these nutrients will vary according to the care with which the plant has been harvested and dried.
    Regular use of Alfalfa helps normalize body weight but, according to the Chinese, excessive use will cause one to lose weight and become thin.
    Alfalfa is often combined with other herbs for its nutritive qualities. It may be added as 10-20% of the formula.
    The fresh plant is rich in chlorophyll, and the seeds are sprouted indoors and eaten as a ready source of vitamins and amino acids.