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    Leg cramps
    Very uncomfortable cramps in the lower limbs are common, and this may take place during the latter stages of pregnancy. The cause is unknown, and treatment is not very satisfactory.
    Often the use of calcium lactate tablets, either 2 g at bedtime, or 2 x 300 mgm tablets with each meal, can yield considerable relief.
    Massaging may help sometimes. Others find that keeping the bedclothes off the limbs by various ingenious methods can produce a marked reduction in discomfort. By making up a cube measuring about 30 cm in all dimensions (approximately 12 inches), and placing this between the lower limbs at the lower part of the bed, the bed clothing can be arranged so that it does not press on the limbs. It is a simple measure and the advocates claim it is worth the small amount of effort involved. At least it is worth a try if this is your problem.
    Some women find that an increase in the milk intake also increases their calcium intake, and this can also assist.

    During the latter stages of pregnancy, many women find the summation of their problems a little overwhelming. There may be leg cramps and discomfort in the back. The added mass in the abdomen limits the positions in which they can sleep. Often insomnia gains a foothold.
    Some doctors prescribe mild sedatives to be taken from time to time. There is an increasing swing away from the use of regular sedatives at night. But for a short time, if they are the only way of gaining a good night's repose, then they will do little harm.
    But simple measures such as a hot glass of milk, or a malt-based drink will often have a mildly sedating effect also. It is worth a trial. It is best to avoid tea and coffee at night, for the caffeine content tends to have a stimulating effect, the reverse of what is being sought.

    Swelling of the feet
    This is technically known as oedema. It is common during pregnancy, due to the increased pressure in the blood-vessels of the lower limbs, together with their distension brought about by circulating hormones. It is worsened in hot weather, and long hours spent in the upright position.
    The treatment is similar to that for varicose veins.
    However, the sudden onset of ankle oedema, especially in conjunction with elevated blood pressure and protein in the urine, may be a serious sign. It could indicate the onset of the pregnancy complication called pre-eclampsia. So if you suddenly awaken with swollen ankles, report it to the doctor promptly.

    Perspiring and feeling hot
    The circulating hormones often cause the blood-vessels in the skin to dilate. Thus a feeling of heat, and sweating more than usual is common, especially in the latter months of pregnancy. Hot days will aggravate it.
    Drinking more fluid, trying to keep cool, reducing physical activity, taking more rest periods, having frequent cooling baths and showers can often give symptomatic relief.