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    Help Lower Healthcare Costs and Improve the Health of At-Risk Children and Adults
    Dear Citizens for Health Supporters and Friends of The Healthy Foundation,

    Rising healthcare costs are a serious concern for all of us. Costs are rising and so are the number of Americans inflicted with chronic illnesses. The personal, social and economic burdens are unsustainable.

    The Healthy Foundation has created unique programs that help lower these escalating costs and increase the health and wellness of those in need of help. Through their Vitamin Relief USA programs, they provide free daily multivitamins to over 20,000 children, teens, adults and seniors who are at-risk for vitamin deficiencies at over 500 locations in 42 states.

    Most of us have come to appreciate what simple, daily multi-vitamins can do to support and maintain one's good health. For children, seniors, teens and adults at risk for malnutrition, the benefits from daily vitamins are dramatic. Daily vitamins help protect at-risk individuals from chronic diseases while also healing their illnesses, and improving their quality of life.

    For instance, according to parents and teachers of the children participating in Vitamin Relief USA, the daily vitamins have helped to improve the children's school grades, school attendance, behavior, eating habits and self-esteem. In addition, parents report that they do not have to take their children to the doctor as often.

    Senior participants report that vitamins from Vitamin Relief USA have decreased their need for medication, lessened their pain, and increased their mobility, energy, self-confidence and the ability to care for themselves.

    We need programs like this programs that provide cost-effective, preventative measures. And we need them to expand and grow.

    In order to do this, The Healthy Foundation needs your help.

    A request has been made of the Chairman of the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriation Committee to provide The Healthy Foundation, from the 2005 congressional budget, with:

    $2 million to provide daily vitamins to 60,000 at-risk children for one year.

    And $2 million to research the impact of daily vitamins on seniors and their quality of life.

    In order for this appropriation to be approved, it must have the support of many members of Congress. The Healthy Foundation cannot possibly reach each member of Congress to ask for his or her support.

    As a constituent, your message to your congressional representative can make the difference between the success and failure of this funding.

    Support Fair Tax Treatment for Dietary Supplements!
    Contact your Representatives today and encourage them to co-sponsor the bi-partisan bill H.R. 2627, the Dietary Supplement Tax Fairness Act. This important legislation would allow consumers to write off dietary supplements and some other natural health products as medical expenses on their taxes and give consumers tax breaks on these healthcare options. This initiative will save you hundreds of dollars every year on your health products and will allow many consumers to afford natural, less expensive, preventative healthcare options often paid for out-of-pocket, not just the conventional and pharmaceutical options that are covered by traditional health insurance. TAKE ACTION! Send a letter to your Representative and ask that they support H.R. 2627, the Dietary Supplement Tax Fairness Act. Send your message today. It only takes a minute!

    Ask the U.S. Codex Delegation to protect DSHEA
    Let?s write to Dr. Barbara Schneeman at the FDA now! Dr. Schneeman is one of our key U.S. representatives to Codex. Let?s ask her to please work diligently to ensure that our nation's hard-won health freedoms, a good example of which is the Dietary Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), are not only protected here at home but inform every meeting and decision at Codex. Codex Alimentarius (Latin for ?Food Code?) was originally created as the United Nations? attempt to establish international guidelines to ?help governments consider the formulation and adoption of similar international standards of [...] purity for all foods? To many, this sounds like a good idea. Agreement on trade, safety and purity would seem beneficial for the world in so many ways, right? Wrong! Not in the ways Codex is being constructed now. If accepted as an international standard by the U.S. Codex Delegation and implemented in the U.S. (called ?harmonization?), our future access to innovative and health-enhancing dietary supplements could, in time, be dramatically restricted. Let?s let Dr. Schneeman know that we are confident that she, Dr. Scarbrough, and the entire U.S. Delegation won't let us down at the Codex conference tables in Bonn, Rome, Geneva and here in the U.S.

    Congress is Writing the WRONG Prescription for Health!
    As the debate over Senate Bill 722 heats up, one thing is certain- the right to use safe dietary supplements is clearly under attack. This legislation threatens DSHEA and your access to safe dietary supplements. We need you to send a clear message to Washington: Congress is writing the WRONG prescription for health!

    Take Action Today to Restore the Privacy of Your Medical Information
    Your medical information is no longer private. You no longer have the power to consent to the disclosure of your health information. New federal rules grant permission to thousands of organizations, unrelated to your healthcare, to access your health information including your past medical records and genetic information. Even psychotherapy sessions are not exempt from this federal prying. The Justice Department now states that patients "no longer possess a reasonable expectation that their histories will remain completely confidential," adding that federal law "does not recognize a physician-patient privilege." Restore your rights today. Support Congressional Legislation that restores your medical privacy.

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